Great Yarmouth Borough Cultural Heritage Strategy

I have recently commissioned by Great Yarmouth Borough Council to write a revised heritage strategy for the Borough. The strategy follows on from strategies written in 1996 and 2004.

The Council’s vision for heritage in Great Yarmouth is to enable its full potential to develop, so that it can make the maximum possible contribution and enrich all aspects of life in the Borough, for the benefit of local residents and visitors alike. The strategy will produce a new vision to provide clarity of purpose, and to focus on audience development and the social and economic role of Cultural Heritage.

Key to ensuring that the strategy is a document that reflects the views of stakeholders and that is taken forward by everyone is in-depth consultation with stakeholders across the Borough. If your cultural or heritage organisation is based in the Borough of Great Yarmouth, or if you’re interested in potentially partnering with organisations in the Borough, I’d love to know your thoughts on the strategy.

To find out more about the strategy and how you can contribute, please click here. The closing date for contributions is 24 January. I look forward to receiving your comments!