Museum Resilience

I specialise in supporting museums and heritage sites to become more resilient by growing and diversifying audiences, improving stakeholder management and communication with audiences, and generating income.

I offer bespoke support depending on the needs of your organisation. Drop me a line to find out more.

Audience Development

Looking to increase your visitor size or to reach out to new audiences?

I can develop a comprehensive strategy which identifies gaps in your current visitor profile, groups to target and gives practical, affordable solutions for how to develop your audience and meet your goals. I specialise in creating strategies for major HLF projects.

If you’re not looking for a complete strategy, but would like some support to update your current strategy or create your own, I can help by:

  • Undertaking audience consultations
  • Identify potential audiences
  • Reviewing barriers to entry
  • Leading an audience development workshop which will support you and your colleagues to get started on your strategy

Are you redeveloping your site or planning a new exhibition?

I can provide interpretation support from the planning through to the delivery stage:

  • Creating an interpretation plan with key themes and messages
  • Research
  • Writing panels and labels
  • Front-end, formative and summative evaluation to gain feedback about the exhibition from stakeholders and audiences at each stage of exhibition development

I specialise in creating interpretation strategies for major HLF projects.

Audience and Stakeholder Consultation

Do you want to test future ideas with audiences or stakeholders?

I can lead consultation that helps inform your future projects, and supports major grant applications. I will create bespoke consultation to suit your needs, which might include:

  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Community open days
  • Creative consultation tools, such as photo collages, voting boxes, and graffiti walls
Income Generation

Looking for ways to diversify your income, or to fund a specific project?

I can help you:

  • Identify relevant funding pots and sources of income
  • Improve your advocacy skills
  • Write grant applications
  • Create and run crowdfunding projects

Do you want to understand the impact of your project on your organisation and participants?

Do you need a wide-ranging evaluation of new projects?

I can:

  • Create an evaluation framework
  • Undertake on-the-ground evaluation
  • Train staff and volunteers in evaluation practice
  • Write an evaluation report and create other relevant dissemination materials, such as infographics and presentations
Events and Programming

A bespoke events programme or one-off event can help you reach new audiences and create loyal, repeat visitors.

I can organise every detail of your event or events programme, including:

  • Creating original ideas for one-off events or longer events programmes for your target audience
  • Audience consultations
  • Writing engaging copy and promoting your event in the right places to attract your target audience
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your event or events programme

Ever considered evening or night-time events? I specialize in managing events that take place in the evenings or overnight. Having managed several highly successful Museums at Night events, including a community heritage festival and children’s sleepover, I know that special evening or night-time events are a powerful way to attract new audiences and inspire them to become long-term visitors to your venue. Get in touch to discuss hosting a special evening or night-time event in your venue.

Local Heritage Strategies

A local heritage strategy identifies how your town, city or borough can make the most of its heritage to benefit local people, visitors, and the local economy through, for example, increased tourism, job creation, and improving the attractiveness of a place.

The strategy I create will be informed by in-depth stakeholder and audience consultation to ensure that it is tailored to meet their specific needs.

To find out more about how I can help you, get in touch.